The V12 project

I got a pair PVM brakedisks :-)

To go with this I ordered a set 6 piston radial ISR Brakecalipers, Only when they arrived in the end, they were of no use, the bold spacing from 100mm as orderd, seems a problem, they now only make 108 mm spacing . So I have to live with the brembo radials.

I just got a new Ohlins with radial brakes.. New triple clamp to be made.

To be a bit more road legal, a set Bos titanium pipes were mounted.

If there have to be pipes, these are good looking

29-4-2004, today was the brake caliper mountbracket ready


CNC code created with Esprit, with a lot of help from Martijn Bogers in the whole process. From Billet aluminium CNC milled. Designed with SolidWorks & CosmosWorks.


The reardrive has been on the milling machine

17-01-2004, Rearbrake came in, reardrive is made ready for the small PVM rearwheel center

11-09-2003, Ohlins mounted

28-09-2003 pvm wheel with RSV carbon mudgard, 999 axle

27-7-2003: Ohlins front forks aquired, new!, also a light PVM front wheel

The engine is 1200cc/ 110Hp/

Click here for the sound (140 kB)

10-5-2004, Ducati clubrace 2004

Playing around on the Spa Francorchamps track  

Wheelbase 1440mm
Forks are WP roma, rear also WP The gearbox is from a 6 speed v11
Wheels are from a V11 le mans.
These are pictures at the Ducati Club Race in Assen, 2 days of fun!  
Track day in Zantvoort This day I got my racelicense Naked Daytona  


So it's running now, today (21/04/2003), I was in Amsterdam.
The gearbox and clutch feel great, I have to get used to the gear intervals, after so many years of 5 speeds.The engine is running fine, even giving a boost when opening the throttle at +180km/h.


No, it's not finished, but sometimes I put it's clothes on to see how it looks.

V11 exhaust is until exhaust under gearbox is ready.

Here, the left swingarm plate. This is made by Martijn Bogers

Swingarm mounted( 06/04/2003) Some wiring todo, oils in, and small stuff.

Other side And this is two!