I don't make the tail anymore, pictures are just from the lucky ones who have one

After seeing some V11 mod's, I got the idea to make a better
solution, to get rid of the rear light and mudguard. So now I made a
series of these tailsections, complete, ready to paint. A bolt on solution.

The rearlight is a Led type, with E4 approval for the EU.

Note: that here are 2 versions pictured, complete carbon, or carbon on the bottom/fiberglass top.

Tom's Corsa


Painted with a clear coat.

Chis's le mans with carbon tail

 Here the finished tail on Mark Taylors Bike. Jaap has finished his tail Sepp's V11
Since he has A bike for every day in the week , This is his thursday bike. Exhaust is from Ghezzi &Brian, I don't sell these, contact Your G&B dealer for that. But the combination is great. .Teo Lamers made a special V11, with special paint scheme
Carbon to catch the dirt!
Small hole for the light, big one for the licenseplateholder
Here the last carbon in unfinished version