Parts for sale

I just have bought a large stock of used Daytona / Centauro / 1100 sport / V11 parts.

It will some time to see what I have, but it is at least 2 m3 it will take some time sorting out.

And I don't want to keep it for myself. Want to know, just ask.

updated: 16 May 2016
Daytona Centauro I have several 4V heads in stock.  
  I might be able to help out, when you need 4V daytona / centauro engine parts when something has gone wrong. Contact me
Stelvio 978452 Fuel tank (without the lock that is in the picture) 25 euro
Stelvio 97841800Y11 Windshield, grey 60 euro
883069 Light frame, black
20 Euro
Stelvio GU06114000 Air box Stelvio and Griso 25 euro
Stelvio 978138 Fuel pump cpl. 175 euro
Stelvio 97863400Y11 Cover tank grey 60 euro
Stelvio 97842400Y11 Instrument frame and 978633 Socket support 35euro
Centauro /V11 02114000 Airbox Centauro, also v11 1100 sport Daytona 75 euro

All parts are in the Netherlands, shipping worldwide on your costs.