I had vibration problems with the PVM front disks, so I got a pair Grimeca disks as mounted on the RSV4. They are nice lightweight. The PVM are 1320 gram, but thicker




Winter is over, so time to start working.

So I got a set MGS01 cams, the MGS01 ecu, a chain set for the distribution, and from Deas a new oil pump. The cams is just to try to see what happens, with the ecu that should be working together. Also got a v11 wiring loom, that has to be one meter cut in lenght. That ecu needs a phonic wheel so while I have the engine apart for the oil pump, I can do that too. Another thing to do is change the fork seals, one leaks. And some oil sweating at the clutch housing, I try to find out whare that is comming from.


So disassembling starts



I got some Brembo Monoblock calipers from a Duc. This not because the radials didn't brake well, I am still very satisfied, no it's because the floaters from the PVM disks are to much on the outside. And colided with the small parts that keep the pads in. The new brembo's keep the pads in different, so thats better.




Because my bike gets to hot in slow city traffic, I decided to mount an oil cooler. First I got one from a Cagiva, but mounting that was difficult, so I got one from a V11. I have the Moto Spezial V sump, that doesn't have connection for an oil cooler, so I took a Mocal sandwich plate, with integrated thermostat. Welded some lugs on the front frame, and made a small plate for the left side. Then to the shop to get all blue and red fittings. The parts look like this, and on the right the result.




So the Moto Spezial injection unit is on the bike, I made a new wire loop for it.

As the picture shows, the bike is running with it.

Also in this picture my new trumpets that can suck air. Next there has to be an airbox arround them.