How to get a 6 speed gearbox in a 5 speed spine frame


Because I got the same question over and over again, here how you get the V11 gearbox in a Daytona / Centauro / Sport 1100 / Daytona RS.

What do you need?

What to do?

Now we have the parts, best take the bike in pieces. The reardrive reactionrod mounting position has to move 20mm to the right. This because the mounting position on the reardrive is 20mm more outside. Best to grind the old ones off, after you made a copy on paper how the shape was. measure were they were , after grinding you won't have a clue:-) make from steel 2 new plates. Other solution would be to make a modified reaction rod. I made an extra hole in it so I can change the rod's position.

If the mounting point isn't changed, the rod is running queer.

Here the rod is running straight


. The 5 speed gearbox has it's outgoing gearshaft not enough off center, to make it possible to fit a wide reartyre. So what Guzzi did was move the complete engine 10mm to the right. The 6 speed gearbox has the outgoing gearshaft more to the right, and a bit down too. So the engine can be back in center of the frame. How to get it there? You can mount the gearbox on the same place as the old one. Most frame have a steel plate mounting the top front side of the gearbox to the frame. For that plate, best make a new one where the bottom 2 holes are moved 10mm to the left. Then it should fit. If you don't want to make it, the one from the V11Sport should fit, nr 01202830. The Daytona has am aluminum piece there that has to be modified too.

With the gearbox in so far, mount the first part from the drive shaft, and the swingarm. Also reardrive and wheel can be back in. The wheel measurements are the same, so no new wheel or mod's needed. Mount the clutch line and see that it works before you mount the swingarm, makes it a lot easier.

Now the engine

Because we move the engine 10mm left, the front engine mount won't fit either. From the left side of the front frame, cut of 10mm at the side that mounts the engine. Watch that there is enough material left to make a strong hold possible. At the right side you add a 10mm spacer between engine and front frame. I welded it onto the front frame. You need a 10mm longer bolt there too.

If I wasn't clear or missed things, mail me.


More picture on this page , notice I went further and extended the swingarm, and moved it's pivot, but that's not needed to get it working. But it makes use of the shorter gearbox, to have a longer swingarm.


I'm not at any way legal responsible for what you do with the above mounting instructions. In most country's you need to get the bike examined by officals to make sure that you get no problems once an accident with the bike has happened.