For the new öhlins forks, I made new triple clamps.


View from my side

  So today, 19-3-2005, the triple is ready, after work from Mattie Kop who made the steering stem, and agian a lot of work from Martijn Bogers.
  So this is the way it's going to be, waiting for the ISR calipers, I mounted the brembo's
  So today almost finished. Some small things to do. Next week ready.
  The top was made this week ( march 2005), almost ready.
The bottom one
  After doing some homework and a bit thinking, I drew this in Solidworks.
  So we start with 7Kg of aluminium
  Made 2 holes in it
  and some more
  Now the first contour can be seen
  All is now only rough, the finishing( another milimeter goes away) has to be done.
  At the end of this day 2600 grams are left from the 7000 grams
  Today, 9-12-2004, conventional milling was done, first the round shape at the bottom
  Then the holes for the fork legs were precision machined, and the center hole made to the right size
  result for today